Through its sister company Total Freight services ltd, Oceanlink does sizeable Freight Forwading operations mainly through Bills of Lading. On the average, we handle 1500 TEUS a year of Import/Export mainly to Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania itself. We are presently among the top five largest Freight Forwarders to transit cargo in the country, and in this area, there is potential for tea, coffee exports from Rwanda / Burundi, and Copper exports from Zambia and Zaire.

To ensure efficiency, there’s radio and telephone communication to Isaka (Central
Tanzania), Kigoma (Border to Zaire), Mwanza (Border to Uganda), and Mtwara
opening Hours. (South-most port).

The company receives daily status updates from branches at 0900Hrs. and these updates are then passed to principals before the European opening hours.